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Smart Alternative Daylight Solution

Blue Skies at the flick of a switch.


Daylight.ie: People first, human-centric lighting.

Developing lighting for health and wellbeing  This is more than just delivering lumens in large quantities. Our Daylight system mimics the daylight and reproduces a vivid scene with sky, clouds and sunshine, enhancing the body’s daily rhythm to function properly, stay healthy and gain an overall feeling of wellbeing.

Employees feel and function better

A better circadian rhythm helps your team  to be better rested and happier at work.

Patients recover faster & feel better

Scientific research has proven the benefits of daylight to the overall health of patients.

Shoppers stay longer & spend more

Increased daylight is proven to increase retail sales, employee happiness and performance.


Our smart E-Window solution has a number of features.


Natural Light

Provides Daylight when and where Nature is not able.


Sunshine Effect

Stimulates our Circadian Rhythym to regulate our bodily function.


Blue Sky & Clouds

Improves the Quality of Life Indoors and Enjoy that  Daylight Feeling



Best Product of the Future

Daylight.ie was established to focus on developing the Ewindow, which is already a success

in over 40 countries. Daylight.ie is part of OPTECOLUX Ltd., which markets to industrial settings and large offices. 


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