Commercial kitchens are very often located in the darkest, most enclosed spaces, primarily because the valuable natural lighting area is given to offering customers the very best dining experience and atmosphere, that is, with access to the higher levels of daylight. Now cheffing can be one of the most stressful jobs in the world with a busy rush our where everyone wants their meal served instantly and perfectly. The business owners could do with an extra chef or two at this busy time but then an hour later the restaurant is quiet and hiring the extra chef’s would eat away at profit margin. 
So not only do we have a high pressure work environment but the lack of daylight can leave staff feeling stressed. Commercial kitchen’s are very often small to facilitate ergonomic efficiency when staff are multi-tasking.
The old normal industry response among staff to this stress has been to load up on caffeine drinks to stimulate productivity, but this later presents even greater problems.
However, the introduction of E’Window in this can transform the atmosphere, lowers stress levels and reduces staff turnover. Nobody really likes to work in an atmosphere without daylight and the technology within our product really is transformative.