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Happier Employees, Happier Customers.


Daylight, using our human centric lighting technology can positively effect your hotel or retail establishments profits.

Happier Staff

“Companies have recorded and increase in productivity of their employees of about 15% after moving to a new building with better Daylight conditions which resulted in considerable financial gains.”

Source: Veithch et al,. 2008

Better Customer Experience

“There is compelling evidence that shoppers in retail environments generally stay longer and spend more where there are high levels of natural daylight.


The performance of retail workers has also been proven to be superior to those where only artificial light is present.”

Source ‘Daylight & Retail Sales’ report – California Energy Commission.

More Positive, Less Confrontational

Studies have shown that higher amounts of Daylight will leave people with a more positive feeling about life ( Espiritu et al., 1994) while social interactions immediately following exposure in excess of 1,000 lux, were more cooperative and less confrontational.

Source: ( Aan het Rot et al., 2008 ).

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