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Happier, More Productive Teams

Modern Living

In today’s busy world, we spend  a large amount of time indoors and with the increase in the use of computers for both business and recreational purposes, the potential for sedentary, indoor life increases.

Office employees represent a big percentage of the healthcare workforce and the business world. With a more sedentary and indoor lifestyle, additional daylight can yield substantial financial and productivity gains.

Crucial To Health

The 1990 a study was released in ‘Light and Health’ with the main finding that:

daylight was crucial for the health of working people.

Daylight Planning

Human resources form a significant percentage of business expenses so, it follows that the efficient use and sustainability of this resource is of benefit to the wider business world  and its  personnel.

In 1990, legislation was introduced in Germany and the Netherlands to ensure that office workers were required to be within 10 metres of a window to allow adequate daylighting for each worker.

Are you giving your teams enough daylight?

More Positive, Less Confrontational

Studies have shown that higher amounts of Daylight will leave people with a more positive feeling about life ( Espiritu et al., 1994) while social interactions immediately following exposure in excess of 1,000 lux, were more cooperative and less confrontational. ( Aan het Rot et al., 2008 ).

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